VESIcare Side Effects, Vital Information and Interaction

About Vesicare:

The drug lessens muscle spasms in a person’s urinary tract and bladder. Vesicare is made use of to take care of signs of an overactive bladder, for example repeated or insistent urination, along with incontinence (i.e. urine leakage).

Vital Information Regarding Vesicare:

You shouldn’t use Vesicare in case you are sensitive to solifenacin, or in case you have untouched or unrepressed narrow-angle glaucoma, which is an obstruction in a person’s digestive tract (i.e. the intestines or stomach), or in case you are incapable to urinating.


Prior to using Vesicare, notify your health care provider in case you have liver ailment, glaucoma, kidney ailment, an obstruction in your intestines or stomach, or a record of “Long QT syndrome.”

In case you face any of the above mentioned conditions, you might need a dosage alteration or particular tests so you can take Vesicare safely.

Vesicare may perhaps be dangerous for an unborn child. Notify your health care provider in case you’re pregnant or if you are planning for a pregnancy in the course of your treatment. It isn’t acknowledged whether or not Vesicare is capable of passing into a nursing mother’s breast milk or if Vesicare could hurt a newborn nursing baby. Don’t use this drug without asking your health care provider if it is safe to take this medicine while you’re breast-feeding your baby.

Evade becoming agitated or dehydrated for the period of an exercise routine and hot weather conditions. Vesicare is capable of decreasing perspiration and therefore you might be more susceptible to a heat stroke.

Vesicare might cause certain side effects which may damage your reactions and/or vision. Be cautious if you’re driving or doing anything that calls for you to be vigilant and competent to see visibly. There are several drugs that can intermingle with Vesicare. Inform your health care provider about all over the counter and prescription medications that you take. This comprises of minerals, herbal products, vitamins, and medicines recommended by other doctors. Don’t start taking a new prescription without informing and asking your health care provider. Keep a record of all medication with you and show this file to any health care provider or pharmacist who takes care of you.


Discontinue the use of Vesicare and get in touch your health care provider if you have grave Vesicare side effects for instance intense thirst, dry and hot skin, cruel stomach ache or constipation, soreness or burning while urination, or if you cannot urinate.



In Case You Overdose:

Seek immediate emergency health attention in case you feel you’ve taken too great a quantity ofVesicare.

Vesicare overdose warning signs may comprise harsh constipation or stomach aches, or urination that is lesser than natural or not in any way.

Side Effects of Vesicare:

No UNIVERSAL side effects are reported for Vesicare usage. It is recommended that you seek immediate medical attention in case any SEVERE side effect occurs while you are using Vesicare.

Seek immediate medical assistance in case you face any of the below mentioned signs of any allergy:

  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Hives
  • Puffiness of your lips, face, throat or tongue
  • Rash
  • Itching
  • Tautness in the chest
  • Odd hoarseness
  • Back ache
  • Cloudy or  bloody urine
  • Rapid, slow, or unbalanced heartbeat
  • Chills or fever
  • Mood or psychological changes (like confusion, hopelessness, hallucinations)
  • Feeling of pain underneath the ribs
  • Soreness while urinating
  • Harsh stomach ache
  • Strange or harsh headache


Discontinue taking Vesicare and get in touch with your health care provider without further ado if you face any of the below mentioned serious Vesicare side effects:

  • Harsh stomach ache, or constipation that lasts for three days or even longer
  • Hot, parched skin and excessive thirst
  • Urinating lesser than normal or not urinating at all
  • Soreness or burning while you urinate


Less grave side effects of Vesicare may consist of:

  • Dry eyes, indistinct vision
  • Dryness of the mouth
  • Cough
  • Vomiting, mild stomach ache or upset stomach
  • Mild constipation problem
  • Fever, aching throat, body pain, or further flu symptoms
  • Lightheadedness, tired feeling


Drugs That Will Have an Effect On Vesicare:

The subsequent drugs are capable of interacting with Vesicare. Inform your health care provider in case you are taking any of the following:

  • halofantrine (Halfan) or chloroquine (Arelan)
  • Trisenox or arsenic trioxide



  • HIV/AIDS medication for instance ritonavir (Norvir) or nelfinavir (Viracept)



  • droperidol (Inapsine)




  • narcotic prescription for example methadone (Methadose, Dolophine) or levomethadyl (Orlaam)


  • an antibiotic for instance clarithromycin (Biaxin), itraconazole (Sporanox), erythromycin (E-Mycin, E.E.S., Erythrosine, Ery-Tab), troleandomycin (Tao), ketoconazole (Nizoral), pentamidine (Pentam, NebuPent)




  • heart tempo medicines for example amiodarone (Pacerone , Cordarone), dofetilide (Tikosyn), ibutilide (Corvert), disopyramide (Norpace), quinidine (Quinidex, procainamide (Procan, Pronestyl),  sotalol (Betapace) or Quin-Release Quin-G


  • An antidepressant for instance amitriptyline (Etrafon, Elavil), fluvoxamine (Luvox), fluoxetine (Prozac), imipramine (Tofranil, Janimine,), paroxetine (Paxil), nortriptyline (Pamelor), along with others.



  • drugs to take care of psychiatric disarray, for instance haloperidol (Haldol),chlorpromazine (Thorazine), thioridazine (Mellaril) or mesoridazine (Serentil)


Vesicare Is Taken For:

Treating an overactive bladder along with warning signs of a critical call for urination, or a desire to urinate frequently, or even leakage in urine.

The drug is a muscarinic receptor competitor. It functions by jamming the act of some chemicals in a person’s body to aid in reducing urine problems that are caused by an overactive bladder.


Don’t Take Vesicare If:

  • You suffer from severe liver evils
  • You are sensitive to ingredients in Vesicare
  • You’re unable to drain your bladder and there is a urine retention in your bladder or if you are facing slow or/and delayed drainage of the stomach or in other words, gastric retention
  • You suffer from unrestrained narrow-angle glaucoma


Get in touch with your health care provider right away in case any of the above mentioned affect you.



Universal Information:


  • In case you’ve got any queries regarding Vesicare, kindly discuss with your health care provider, pharmacist, or doctor.
  • Vesicare should be taken only by people who are prescribed to take them. Don’t share your prescription with people even if they share your symptoms.
  • In case your signs don’t improve or in case they turn out to be worse, immediately consult your health care provider.
  • Verify with your pharmacist about concerning how to throw away unused medicines.


Concluding Thoughts:

You might experience a number of or nothing of the Vesicare side effects that have been listed here. Unfortunately, there’s no certain technique that can be used by your doctor to identify beforehand whether or not you will face Vesicare side effects from the drug which you haven’t tried yet. As a result, make certain to inform your doctor if you build up any Vesicare side effects whilst consuming this medicine. Also, inform your doctor if you build up anything that doesn’t seem right or normal to you. Despite the fact that it might not be a side effect of Vesicare, your doctor will be competent to detect and take care of the crisis.