Most Popular and Most Common Home Remedies

Long before your MD could prescribe you medicine for almost any type of illness or condition, home remedies where use to cure even the most common illnesses and conditions.  In recent years more and more people are finding themselves treating their illnesses and conditions through home remedies rather than polluting their body with prescription medications that are packed with side effects that can both be minor and major and for some people even fatal.  In a lot of cases, home remedies have been shown to be more effective than prescription medicines and heal your body naturally with little to no side effects involved.  Most home remedies originated before prescription medication was even thought of and for many people ages ago, was the only form of healing common illnesses and conditions.  Here are a few of the most popular and most common home remedies still used to this day.

Garlic – is a great home remedy for all types of illnesses and conditions.  Garlic helps the function of your immune system and also helps aid in the fight against bacterial and viral infections.  Not only can garlic help with cholesterol, high blood pressure, and heart disease, but it also helps prevent colon or stomach cancer.  Garlic also acts as a blood thinner and can help with circulation, as well as blood flow.  Many people take garlic supplements to help balance their bodies levels and to keep their levels in normal range.  So make sure to incorporate garlic in your meal plans as well as taking daily garlic supplements to keep your body and immune system in tip top shape.

Castor Oil – is also another home remedy that has been used for ages by many countries and cultures.  Castor oil has the ability to help relieve severe itching as well as can prevent bruising.  Taking just a spoonful of castor oil when constipated can flush your system and cleanse your body from any other gastrointestinal problems as well.  Although castor oil is not the best tasting home remedy you can try mixing it with a glass of juice or tea and produce the same results and give it a better more tolerable taste.

Cherries or Cherry Juice – is also a very popular and long-time used home remedy for conditions such as gout and arthritis.   This is because cherries and cherry juice contains properties to reduce swelling.  Simply taking 2 tablespoons of concentrated cherry juice and then mixing it with 6 ounces of water can be a miracle mixture to help with pain associated with arthritis and gout.  Make sure that you drink cherry juice or consume fresh cherries periodically to help prevent swelling from occurring or when you have bouts of gout flare up.

Licorice – is a very popular candy that can also help you with man common cold symptoms such as cough and chest congestion.  Instead of consuming the licorice as a candy, try getting some licorice root and making into a cup of tea.  Simply brew the licorice root in your favorite herbal tea and heat for at least 10-15 minutes.  Allow the tea to cool, but not too much. You want to consume the tea at a lukewarm temperature for best results for a cough or chest congestion.  Drink up to 2-3 cups of the licorice tea until your symptoms of cough and congestion subside.  This is a very fast acting home remedy for these particular symptoms and you should be able to see results within hours of consumption.  You may also want to try inhaling the steam while the tea is brewing, this can also help in clearing out your airways and breaking up mucus.

Onions and Olive Oil – can also help in congestion.  This is an old remedy that has also been used for many years and can start clearing symptoms almost immediately.  Simply take a pan and add olive oil to the pan.  Heat the olive oil and then add chopped or peeled onions to the pan.  Fry the onions and then add about ¼ of a teaspoon of curry powder to the mixture.  Allow the onions, olive oil, and curry powder mixture to set and then consume.  You can follow this procedure up to 3-4 times a day and can dramatically help with your symptoms of chest congestion.  This not only helps your breath better but also helps break up any unwanted mucus causing your chest congestion.


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