Cure Acid Reflux with Natural Remedies

Acid reflux is an uncomfortable condition that affects a countless number of men and women every single day.  The symptoms of acid reflux can be experienced anywhere from just a couple minutes, to quite a few hours. This is a condition that can cause a person to experience a great deal of pain. Not only is it extremely uncomfortable, but when severe cases of acid reflux occur, it can even make it hard for a person to engage in everyday activities and responsibilities.

There is a wide range of treatment options that a person can use to relieve the burning and painful symptoms of acid reflux. There are many people that have such severe problems with this condition that they must rely on the prescription medications prescribed by their family physician. For people whose symptoms are not considered to be severe, they tend to use various types of over-the-counter medicines. While these choices can be very effective for eliminating the symptoms of indigestion and heart burn that is caused by acid reflux, natural remedies are a much healthier option.

Popular Natural Remedies Used For the Treatment of Acid Reflux

Many people are often surprised that there are so many natural remedies that work fantastic for soothing the burn of heartburn and the upset stomach of indigestion. Below you will find several different treatment remedies that are well known for effectively reducing acid reflux symptoms.

  • Just by waiting a while after you have eaten a snack or a meal, the chances of indigestion and heartburn occurring are reduced dramatically.
  • Although a lot of people claim it has a taste that is of a strong metallic, they claim that apple cider vinegar works wonders on acid reflux symptoms. Simply mix water with about two to three teaspoons full of apple cider vinegar and drink three times daily.
  • Drinking water during and after a meal will help prevent acid reflux.
  • Chewing on a piece of gum can help alleviate the symptoms of heartburn, as it helps to neutralize the body’s acid.
  • A majority of people that drink coffee complain that it causes problems with acid reflux. By replacing the coffee you drink with chicory, you will notice a huge difference with this problem.
  • Certain herbs like ginger and peppermint work very well at helping the body to digest foods properly, thus reducing heartburn and indigestion. Simply mix one of these herbs in with a glass of tea and enjoy it after each meal.
  • Eating cabbage and carrots can help to reduce and control the amount of acid that is produced in the stomach, therefore reducing acid reflux.
  • Ginger is an herb that can be added to the meals that you consume. Not only will it provide a nice taste, but it will also help to eliminate symptoms of acid reflux by promoting proper digestion.
  • The burning sensation caused by acid reflux can be soothed by drinking a glass of raw coconut milk.
  • Although you might think that pineapple would worsen acid reflux symptoms, it actually works to help in proper digestion due to its high level of enzymes.

As with any other treatment option, it is best to contact your physician before first. This is to ensure that there are no underlying serious medical conditions that are responsible for the symptoms experienced.


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