A Good Example of a Healthy Meal Plan for Diabetes Patients

In a lot of cases a visit to a licensed dietician will be recommended to patients that have been diagnosed with diabetes. This is simply to provide help to the patient while they are learning to create a diet menu for diabetes that tastes good, and is suitable and healthy.

A special diet menu for diabetes is important because it helps to regulate the intake of sugar and carbohydrates that are in everyday meals. Most people believe they have to completely stop their intake of any sweet foods altogether while they are on a diabetic diet. They key is to limit the amount of sweets that are consumed, and to know the ones that are safest to eat. The entire purpose of a diabetic diet plan is to keep a patient’s blood glucose at safe levels.

Below you will find a diabetes diet menu that contains the right amount of daily recommended nutrients. You will notice it contains food product choices that are geared to make certain the intake of carbohydrates remains at a low level.


Upon waking up each morning, it is important to make a routine of eating breakfast within one hour after getting out of bed. This is a step that helps a great deal in keeping blood glucose levels at a regulated level.

One choice would be one cup of milk that is low fat, one fresh cup of strawberries, and three-fourths cup of unsweetened cereal.

Another choice would be to spread two tablespoons of peanut butter on top of two whole wheat bread slices, and then slice a banana to put on top of the peanut butter.


Out of all three meals consumed each day, this one that will need to be the largest of the day. It is also a good idea to make sure this meal contains fruits, vegetables, protein, dairy products, and carbohydrates.

One choice would be one small apple and a cup of vegetable soup. Along with this you could add a turkey sandwich made of two pieces of whole wheat bread and one ounce of turkey.

Another choice would be a sandwich of whole wheat bread and three ounces of roast beef that is lean. If desired, two tablespoons of mustard can be added to the sandwich. For a delicious side you could also add one cup of broccoli that is steamed.


Dinner is a meal that should also be well-balanced. Some people even choose to add extra calories to their dinner meal. However, it is necessary to also add extra minutes to your morning exercise routine as well.

One choice for dinner is a vegetable salad that is topped with low fat dressing. You can also cook four ounces of chicken breast in mono-saturated cooking oil and topped with herbs. A great side dish would be two-thirds cup of rice. To finalize the meal with a flavorful dessert you can add about half a slice of angel food cake.

Another choice for dinner could be started with a mixed green salad that is topped with a reduced fat dressing. Six ounces of boiled white fish would be a great choice for the main course. For a delicious side course you can add two-thirds cup of whole what couscous.


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